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The A250 is the answer to your home water needs. Daily water production of up to 250 liters of pure water. That’s up to 66 gallons every day. Your A250 comes with a 500 liter holding tank. This makes taking a shower or doing laundry easy. Water your lawn. Use the water any way you want. The water is yours. Water production well vary depending on your relative humidity.

Mode No.: A250
Voltage/Frequency: 380V50HZ3¢ 220V/60Hz3¢
Input Power Consumption: 1.8 KWH
Production capacity: 250L/Day 80%RH/27 ℃
Input Power of Compressor: 1×1.8kw
Internal Water tank: 80L
Working Conditions: 20℃-38℃ (35%RH-95%RH)
Refrigerant: R407
Filtration system: PPF+CTO+UDT+UF+UV
Phase Protection of Compressor: Phase-sequence Protection / Delay Protection /Low Pressure Protection / Overheat & Overload Protection
Control system: SPC

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Weight 300 kg
Dimensions 124 × 45 × 1700 mm


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